"You never let me settle for less than what I am capable of and always pushed me to put my nose to the grindstone. It is because of you that I am a better and braver artist and performer. I would not be who I am today without your brilliant teaching and coaching. Thank you for always pushing me to be the performer and person I mean to be."


- Cate Benioff


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I’m here to help you uncover the hidden vocal ability that you ALREADY possess. 

Everyday, I see how our amazing bodies can express a musical message in so many different ways from the get go. Whether you’re a pro and even when you might consider yourself as a ‘beginner’. 

Aside from the musical stuff, it’s important for us to play with our vocal emotions. I’ve helped many singers explore these qualities to truly connect to their intention, and see the amazing colour that results in their singing. Not to mention the amazing feeling of it!
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I use a combination of highly tailored activities to build up your strength and skill. With my West End experience singing Elphaba (Wicked) and Sherrie (Rock Of Ages) I can also help singers of any genre tell the stories in their songs and build musicality. But, to really enjoy the voice of your dreams we might also have to overcome limiting beliefs that have held us all back at some point.

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One to one hourly sessions that take place online. 
In the first session, we will get your thoughts and goals on paper so that everything we do works towards something important to you. I will also take you through a few simple vocal assessments, after which we will build you a plan including a voice building routine with clear goals. Song and performance work also forms a big part of the session, whether that be building your gig list or rehearsing a musical theatre audition. 
By recording your lesson, it also gives you a valuable reminder and something to practice with, enhancing your progress.

To know more about what I can offer, feel free to get in touch.

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Have a read of this article I contributed to as featured in the Evening Standard.

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One to one Vocal Lessons
(currently online only) 
1 hour - £100

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