Image by Will Francis


​​Are you the right vocal coach for me?

Tricky to say - but I know the importance of chemistry, which is why I offer a free consultation to anyone interested in working together. What I can say is that I'm the right coach for you if you share my passion for singing. I have years of West End experience in leading roles. This means I can not only coach professionals towards auditions and performances, but also that I can share my knowledge on the life of a performer beyond the microphone. But I also love coaching those with no professional background - with the right mindset, you can train like a professional without being a professional! I love coaching people from all backgrounds and levels of experience. My favourite sessions are those where I can empower a client to experiment (and therefore learn) about their voice - and that's an exciting feeling whatever your singing experience.

Does vocal coaching online work?

Very much so. Besides the fact that it's often easier for my clients to find time in the day to turn on their webcam rather than travel to my studio, I've found over the past year that it can actually be better to conduct lessons online. There's a certain freedom that people experience when experimenting with their voice in their own space, and I've seen people take great strides much quicker than they would if they were in an unfamiliar environment. I've also invested in equipment to make sure that you see and hear me in full HD, and will run through the minimum requirements at your end during our initial consultation. Sessions will be conducted over Zoom, which I've chosen because it's both easy to use and excellent quality.

How many lessons will I need?

I offer sessions to suit you, whether that's weekly, fortnightly or even a monthly coaching. I often work with people who have a very specific goal in mind, such as a performance or audition. If that's the case, we can set a timetable so you hit that high note right on schedule. I also work with people who want to receive coaching on a regular basis, with no particular end date. In this case, we work to put together a framework, so that you always have something to aim for and we're always moving forward. However, it's fair to say that the answer to this question lies with you: it is undoubtedly the practice you put in outside the sessions that sets the speed at which you see progress.

I'm in a different timezone, can you teach me?

Absolutely! Check the Book Now page to see my availability. You can even change it to show availability in your timezone. I work a combination of days and evenings, so can find a time that works for most people.

What's your cancellation policy?

I do not offer refunds on booked lessons. This is because when you book, you reserve my time both for the lesson and for the preparatory work that I do before we meet.